Who are we?

The United Muslims of Brisbane (UMB) is a Masjid, a non-profit organisation, and a Community and Islamic Dawah organisation that focuses on reviving the Islamic spirit in people’s lives in accordance to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Qur’an Courses

We offer Morning and afternoon Qur’an classes. Please contact us in advance for bookings. Every Saturday night UMB hosts free youth gathering lessons. EVERY Wednesday there’s a FREE Tafseer lesson after Isha for MEN & WOMEN. For the sisters there’s a Riyad as-Saliheen Lesson every Thursday at 11:00 AM. There’s a great community spirit at UMB, So get involved!

Kids Courses

Everything your KIDS need for a grounded and solid start to their lives.

Teen Courses

Everything your TEENAGERS need, to steer them away from the fitnah of our times.

Adult Courses

When you feel a need to refresh and boost your knowledge, and imaan.



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We’re purchasing UMB!

We are providing 150,000 bricks at a special price of $10 apiece. With the intention of acquiring the masjid’s property and funding its potential expansion; Bi’ithni’Lah.

The brick(s) might be gifted as a sadaqah jarriyah to a loved one. A buyers certificate is included with every transaction!

Brick by brick… We can do it!

About UMB




Prayer times

For Brisbane, Australia.

Annual youth camp

UMB hosts the annual UMB camp which features the famous Go Beyond challenge. The camp is so packed full of activities that the kids rave about it all year round. Due to the popularity of the camp it is usually booked out months in advance.

Eid al fitr

UMB hosts EID AL FITR and EID AL ADHA which has become the biggest eid event in Queensland.

Invest in Akhira, donate now!

“So whoever does an atom’s weight of charity will see it”
Al Qur’an – Al-Zalzalah: 99.7

Explore Islam

A great resource for all people Muslim or Non Muslim to learn and discover Islam.


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We’re all for the youth!

Investing in our our next generation is what UMB does best.

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