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The humble beginnings of the UMB came from a single lesson by Sheikh Jihad after flying in from Sydney in 2005. Upon realising the urgent need for engagement and support for the Muslim youth, the UMB organisation was then established by Sheikh Jihad and a couple of local brothers. In 2008, following increased youth attendance and enthusiasm, the UMB by the will of Allah, moved into their first rented property in Kingston Rd, Slacks Creek.

This centre became a Masjid with Friday prayers and a youth hub with weekly Quran and Islamic lessons, gatherings and activities. With the need to expand the Masjid and greater youth attendance, the UMB moved into a larger rented premise on Blackwood Rd, Woodridge. Alhamdulilah, this location still currently serves the UMB with increased purpose and is led voluntarily on full-time basis by a Shura group of six led by Sheikh Jihad. The UMB is now a recognised Masjid in Logan and Brisbane.

To be the most active and prominent Masjid and Islamic youth and dawah organization in Queensland that provides a comprehensive range of religious and social programs to residents of Logan and Brisbane regions.
Our services include but not limited to:

5 daily prayers
Friday Jumaah
Lessons for Kids / Teens / Adults
Counseling services
Eid Festivals
Annual Youth Camp
Sporting events
Sisters group
Saturday talks and dinner
Community events
Fundraising events
Dawah support and propagation
and more


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