1) Provide the Muslim community a one stop shop for all Islamic services.
2) Provide a halal alternative for youth to partake in camping / activities and events.
3) Provide educational materials by way of courses / lectures and study groups.
4) Provide dawah to Muslims and non-Muslims and extend a hand of friendship to them.
5) Provide charitable assistance to the oppressed and needy through charitable initiatives.


Islam has 5 easy to understand pillars, these are:

1) Shahadah (Testimony of faith)

2) Salat (5 daily prayers)

3) Zakat (2.5% tax payable during Ramadan)

4) Saum (Fasting during Ramadan)

5) Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca)




I used to go to other Masjids, which were great. But I noticed that there was no activities for the youth, nor were they revert friendly. I was then amazed to see the range and quality of activities for the youth and for reverts at UMB. There is a passion for this deen at UMB I havent seen in many Masjids.


MashAllah, My son always pesters me to go to the annual camp. UMB has always been a source of great activities and learning for my kids.


What a relief UMB has been! Instead of being busy with their iPad they are busy learning their deen. UMB has a way of presenting the deen in a simple and easy to learn manner for the children.


What attracted me to this centre was the quantity of activities not only for my children, but also for adults. Anthing from annual events, camping, Eid, iron man or monthly outings. Theres so much on at UMB, and it is constantly growing, Alhumdulillah.

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