Hurry do not delay! The camp is usually booked out months in advance. The UMB events manager, will get back to you soon with confirmation.


1.1 Payment for each applicant is $125 AUD.
1.2 Payments must be made in CASH or EFTPOS at United Muslims of Brisbane located at 8 Blackwood Road Logan Central QLD 4114.
1.3 To secure your spot payment MUST be made by 5pm on 31st of December this year.


2.1 UMB is not responsible for lost or broken personal items.
2.2 Damage to property belonging to the hotel/camp including damage to gardens, equipment, building structure or sundry items will be the sole responsibility of the guilty applicant/s.
2.3 Excessive noise will NOT be tolerated.
2.4 All campers will dress modestly in accordance with our shari’ah.
2.5 Absolutely no swearing, foul language or bad character is to be entertained.
2.6 Be prepared, organised and ready when an outing or event starts.
2.7 Do not bring contraband like alcohol, drugs or any other stimulants.
2.8 Do not bring any lewd material like magazines, digital images or comics.
2.9 Please be considerate to your fellow Muslim camper and display good character to them at all times.
2.10 All campers must attend a COMPULSORY induction meeting on the 1st January @ 4:30pm. (prior to leaving for the camp)
2.11 Be active listeners, cooperate, and follow directions given by the camp supervisors at all times.
2.11 Treat fellow campers, staff, supervisors, as well as public and private property, with the utmost respect. We expect every camper to exercise goodwill towards others, our camp activities, and our natural surroundings. Courtesy and respect are requirements of the camp.
2.12 Use good language. The use of rude, offensive, or generally bad language is not allowed. Harsh verbal words, tone of voice, foul language or gestures will not be tolerated, and may lead to immediate eviction.
2.13 Stay with the camp group at all times. No camper is permitted to leave the camp group without permission from the camp supervisors.
2.14 Illegal drugs, tobacco, or intoxicants of any kind are strongly prohibited on this camp.
2.15 Prescription drugs must be sent with a note and clear instructions. The medicine must be in the original prescription container or a labelled bottle.
2.16 Dress in an Islamic manner. Loose Modest clothing is required for all participants. (a Singlet and Shorts to the knees are the minimum).
2.17 Mobile phones and any electronic devices are ONLY allowed before 8am and after 11pm. Any phone or electronic device seen outside of these times will be confiscated until the end of the camp.
2.18 Possessions of firearms, fireworks, or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited.
2.19 Campers must wear appropriate clothing when swimming. (Shorts to the knees are the minimum).
2.20 All rubbish is to be placed in the rubbish bags around the campground.
2.21 All campers will attend and actively engage in camp mandated lectures, sessions, required prayers and activities unless otherwise excused. Any excused attendance must be approved by a supervisor.
2.22 Campers must practice proper conduct at all times, obeying all safety rules and regulations. Camp pranks, gags, or youth initiated activities which may result in the compromised safety or health of another individual, physically, mentally, emotionally, etc., will not be tolerated.
2.23 Please leave invaluable jewellery, or things of significant value at home, because the UMB is not responsible for anything lost of that nature.
2.24 If a camper continues to disobey camp rules, or is found intentionally compromising the safety of another camper, the lead supervisor will deal with the situation. Disciplinary action will be taken such as suspension of recreation time or notifying the parents of removal from camp.


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Camp Induction

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